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Mayor-Elect Stephanie M. Burke has selected a 28-member Transition Team that is assisting her as she prepares for the first day of the new administration on January 4th. The team chaired by Paul Camuso is comprised of Teresa Walsh, Louis Miller, Vivienne Wright, Fred Dello Russo Jr., Rick Orlando, Christine Cousineau, Linda Garriot, Kelly Hurstack, Paul Materazzo, Tim McGivern, Muhammad N. Chowdhury, Ken Krause

Sarah Beardslee, Joan Cyr, Susan Fairchild, Gary Roberts, Paul Salano, Donna Sullivan

Monique Y Doherty, Joe Bruno, Beth Fowkes, John Greco, David Klein, Chris Murphy

Laurel Ruma, Elysee H. Castor, and Neil Osborne.


“I am pleased to announce this team and proud of the range of experiences that they bring to the table. They share one trait, a love for this community!” Mayor-Elect Stephanie M. Burke said.


The Transition Team is composed of four subcommittees: City Hall Audit, Business and Economic Development, Cultural Affairs and Recreation and Constituent Services.


The City Hall Audit subcommittee is chaired by Teresa Walsh. They will determine the best practices and procedures of the departments in City Hall. This will start with interviews of the 14 department heads. Departments are being audited to learn of operations, practices and procedures. The subcommittee will adopt best practices and revise protocols where there is a need. The subcommittee values the resource of our experienced staff and looks forward to working with them in this time of change.


The Business and Economic Development subcommittee is co-chaired by Frederick Dello Russo Jr. and Rick Orlando. This subcommittee will find ways to assist existing businesses, reach out to new businesses and promote the city to surrounding communities and institutions. They will evaluate city processes, organization and infrastructure to consider the changes needed to support economic development. 


The Cultural Affairs and Recreation subcommittee is chaired by Ken Krause. This subcommittee will identify ways in which the new city administration can highlight Medford’s diversity, growing cultural and arts community and opportunities for year-round recreational activities. They will pinpoint ways the city can provide additional support to advance and promote the arts, cultural and recreation activities in Medford.
The Constituent Services subcommittee is chaired by Paul Camuso. They will be holding three public meetings: one during the day at the Senior Center, one in the evening at the West Medford Community Center and one in the evening at the South Medford Fire Station. They will gather data on how to improve City Hall communications to and from citizens using a survey following the initial discussions at these community meetings. Announcements for dates and times will be forthcoming.


The Sub-committees will all come together in early 2016 to deliver a blueprint for the Burke administration.    



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