Hour of Code showcases Boston Public Schools’ students coding, technology skills

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Boston Public Schools students and teachers, Superintendent Tommy Chang and Boston Chief of Education Rahn Dorsey present 

Students use their coding skills to participate in demonstrations and prizes on Thursday, December 10, 10-11:30 am, at Tynan Elementary School that’s located t 650 East Fourth St., South Boston


DETAILS: Discover how Boston Public Schools students are learning practical technology skills for today’s workforce with “Hour of Code,” a week long, district-wide event in which students participate in variety of hour-long computer science activities involving coding.
The showcase event is taking place at Tynan Elementary, where visitors from MassTLC, Microsoft, and MassCan, along with Superintendent Chang and Education Chief Dorsey will meet with students and view their projects. The Tynan School recently won a $10,000 prize for its focus on teaching coding skills through the organization Code.org.
Throughout the week of December 7th, students across the school district will participate in various activities that introduce them to the subject of computer science and coding. The Hour of Code is a global movement to provide one hour of coding experience to all children during the week of December 7th. MassTLC has created a promotional video to advertise the event that can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/9HDZN5A_bUI.

Sponsoring organizations for BPS Hour of Code include: MassTLC & MassCan, PDFfiller, and Microsoft. Nearly $50,000 in prizes for students and teachers have been donated from our sponsors.

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