Medford Establishes Community Garden Commission

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The City of Medford has authorized the formation of a new Commission to promote, encourage and support the development of community gardens across the City. The group will support existing gardens at Winthrop Street and McNally Park as well as working to establish new gardens in city parks and other available land. The City’s Environmental Officer Alicia Hunt will provide guidance to the group. The Commission will also collaborate with the nonprofit Friends of Medford Community Gardens to raise funds to support new construction as well as education and outreach programs.


Per the ordinance establishing the Community Garden Commission, the following appointments have been made:


City Council appointed Fred Laskey (3 years)

Mayor appointments: Amanda Bowen

​​​ Elise Boerjes (McNally represent)

                                          Brian Duran (Winthrop represent)

Commission appointment:

Mayor alternates: Mimi Gordon

​ 2nd alternate: Lisa Risley


For more information please contact or visit our web site

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