North Reading Police Arrest Two Men for Assaults at Auto Shop

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NORTH READING — Police Chief Michael P. Murphy reports that the North Reading Police Department arrested two men after they allegedly rushed into a local auto repair shop, masked and armed with blunt objects, and beat the owner and several employees.
BRENDAN DONOVAN, AGE 21, OF STONEHAM, and ANTHONY LEONARD FERRATUSCO, AGE 21, OF SAUGUS, were arrested, and they now face several felony charges, including multiple counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Conspiracy, and Armed Assault with Intent to Murder. They were also charged with Resisting Arrest, and DONOVAN was charged with Possession of a Class C Drug with Intent to Distribute.
A North Reading Police Department investigation indicates that the two suspects were involved in a personal conflict with a 19-year-old employee of an auto repair shop on Main Street and that the suspects allegedly rushed into the shop at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday, beat the victim, as well as the owner of the shop and another employee with a hammer and crowbar, before they ran off.
FERRATUSCO, was located nearby by North Reading Police Officers, about 10 minutes after the alleged attack. State Police and the Billerica Police Department K-9 Unit arrived shortly afterward and commenced a search that ultimately led to DONOVAN.
“This was a viscous attack allegedly planned and executed by these two suspects with the clear intent to do serious bodily harm to others,” Chief Murphy said. “I am grateful for the hard work done today by our North Reading Police Officers and our partners in the State and Billerica Police for quickly finding these dangerous individuals.”
The victims sustained cuts, swelling, and bruises and were treated at the scene. 
The suspects are being held on $5,000 cash bail pending arraignment Friday in Woburn District Court.
These are allegations. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty. 

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