Medford/Malden:Community Victory Party Potluck

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Good Afternoon Friend — 

Community Victory Party (Saturday after Thanksgiving)

With the passing of the Community Preservation Act in both Malden and Medford, and Malden’s decisive ballot results in support of open space, we invite you to come celebrate with your neighbors for a Pot Luck Community Victory Party the Saturday evening after Thanksgiving at the First Parish Universalist in Malden.
You can find more information on the flyer.
All are welcome and you can RSVP on our website.
Community Preservation Coalition

It has been announced that the 2015 CPA distribution match from the state will be 29.7%. Malden and Medford will not have the CPA until the following year, but this percentage is very encouraging. It was expected to be 18%, but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has added surplus monies into the fund to increase the percentage to the 29.7%. This bodes well for future matches of CPA monies for both Malden and Medford.


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