Medford’s Roberts Music Teacher Receives Key to the City

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Earlier this week Mayor McGlynn gave the key to the city to the Roberts Elementary School Music Teacher, James Conner. Mr. Conner has been teaching at the Roberts for 10 years and in recent years has begun maintaining the gardens and plants both outside and inside the Roberts School. Mayor McGlynn presented the key in front of one of his 5th grade music classes. Mayor McGlynn told the class that he noticed how beautiful the grounds looked around the school, so he called the School Department to find out what company was maintaining the flower beds at the Roberts School and was told that it wasn’t a company, it was Mr. Conner. He then learned that Mr. Conner maintains all the plants throughout the school, up and down all the stairwells and in his classroom. He takes them home with him every summer to keep them healthy and brings them back in the fall.


Mr. Conner is a dedicated teacher that has brought the chime ringing program to the Roberts School and teaches children to love music.


After the presentation Mayor McGlynn answered questions from the students about being a Mayor and what he would be doing next. When asked what it would be like to have a woman Mayor, he told the class that he knows a lot of great mayors around the state and many of them are women. He agreed that things would change under the new mayor, but that change is good and Medford is ready for change.



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