Andover Police Clear Scene After Political Sign is Mistaken for Explosive Device

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A few members of the media have inquired about this incident. Note that no charges are forthcoming, no photos are available, and the department is unavailable to speak on camera about this. 
ANDOVER — Chief Patrick Keefe reports that the Andover Police Department quickly cleared up a misunderstanding and a case of bad judgement after a bicyclist thought that a plastic box attached to a presidential campaign sign was a bomb or incendiary device. 
Andover Police responded to a home on Jenkins Road near the North Reading town line at 2:37 p.m. Thursday. Upon arrival, they were met by North Reading police and firefighters, because the location was originally thought to be in North Reading.
The homeowner created a large, 6-foot long sign for presidential candidate Donald Trump. The heavy wooden sign is mounted to the ground with two metal poles. On one metal pole is an American flag. On the other, the resident affixed a plastic box with the words “Do Not Touch” written on it. The box is what the cyclist thought was suspicious.
Police quickly determined that the box was not dangerous. Nonetheless, the resident was advised to — and complied with a request to — remove the box.
Speaking to police, the resident said he put the box on the pole to discourage vandals, because, he said, his political signs are often damaged, destroyed, or thrown into the woods.
No one was injured, and no charges were filed.

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