Leland Cheung Thank YOU for our Campaign’s Success!

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It may seem premature to hear that from a politician BEFORE the campaign is over, but I had to say it! 
This has been an intense campaign. After slates began to emerge I committed myself not only to re-election, but also to helping my colleagues on the Council who always give fair consideration to my ideas. Your outpouring of support – emotional, financial, vote pledges, and more – has been inspiring. Your intelligence about the issues and enthusiasm for my candidacy has been a consistent source of energy, getting me through many a sleepless night.
With your support, your help, your time volunteering, your contributions, and your #1 vote – I am confident that we’ll win tomorrow, November 3rd; our challenge is to boldly send a message that our community endorses the principles and progress I fight for. Of course, our team still needs to execute on election day (tomorrow!) to make that subject line become real. So if you can, please chip in now to make sure we can fund our plans!

And, if you’re available, please sign up for a shift to volunteer with us at the polls. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful sunny 70 degree day … join us in greeting neighbors and thanking them for voting!

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