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Official First Bike Undocked at Brighton Center and Re-docked at Franklin Park

BOSTON – Thursday, October 22, 2015 – The Boston Transportation Department/Boston Bikes today formally opened its new expansion stations in the New Balance Hubway bike share system. A total of 15 new stations are being installed in Boston, including the first Hubway locations in Brighton and an expansion into new parts of Dorchester, Roxbury and Charlestown.


“Hubway is a healthy, affordable option for Boston residents to get to school or work, and I am thrilled that we are able to expand it to even more neighborhoods,” said Mayor Walsh. “We will continue to work with our community partners so that all of our residents have access to a diverse range of transportation options.”


“We are grateful to the many partners who have made Hubway such a success,” said Boston Chief of Streets Chris Osgood. “From our title sponsor New Balance that has supported Hubway since its launch, to the hundreds of local groups that encourage residents to try bike share, to institutions like Boston College and the Franklin Park Zoo that support new stations, to Motivate, the company that operates the system – so many partners have come together to help bike share in Boston exceed expectations.”


At the newly-opened Brighton Center Station, the City of Boston joined partners, including President and CEO of New Balance Rob DeMartini, Motivate VP for Operators John Reynolds, Boston College VP for Governmental & Community Affairs Thomas Keady, and Zoning Chair of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association Anabela Gomes, to officially undock the first bike from the new Hubway station. “As our community grows, it’s so important to have alternative means of transportation for our residents and visitors,” said Gomes. “Hubway is providing that kind of flexible alternative.”


“We are thrilled to expand Hubway to new parts of the City, helping bridge otherwise disconnected neighborhoods, and providing even more residents and visitors with access to active transportation,” said Boston Transportation Commissioner Gina Fiandaca.


After the undocking, a convoy of Hubway users rode to Franklin Park, where they were welcomed by partners, including Zoo New England CEO John Linehan and Franklin Park Coalition Executive Director Anita Morson-Matra, for the first official docking at the new station. “The Franklin Park Coalition is extremely excited about the opportunities for both improving access to bike share and for increasing utilization of green spaces in Roxbury,” said Morson-Matra.


In just four years, Hubway has become an integral part of the transportation system in Boston, redefining how people travel, get to work, exercise, and connect with each other. It is estimated that the half hour bike ride from Brighton to Franklin Park would have taken longer by any other mode of transportation.


The New Balance Hubway Bike share System launched in Boston in 2011 with 60 stations and 600 bicycles. With this expansion, the total number of stations in Boston will be 106 with approximately 1100 bicycles. During the inaugural season, a total of 142,300 trips were recorded. Since that time, the program has expanded to include the neighboring municipalities of Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville, and the number of trips taken to date is approaching 4 million.


New Balance President and CEO Rob DeMartini said, “At New Balance we are committed to supporting healthy lifestyles for everyone and we are proud to show our continued support of New Balance Hubway as the system expands to reach riders in neighborhoods throughout the city. Our roots are here in Boston, and we value Hubway as a partner in upholding the values of New Balance and this great city.”


The City of Boston has the longest-running subsidized bike share membership program in the country offering Hubway memberships to low-income residents for just $5 per year. For more information about subsidized memberships please visit or call 617-635-4756. More information about the New Balance Hubway system may be found at

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