Medford Mayor McGlynn Endorses Stephanie Muccini Burke 

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Mayor Michael J. McGlynn today announces his endorsement of Stephanie Muccini Burke for Mayor of the City of Medford. As I compare the records of the two candidates, I find great differences in their political beliefs and positions on the issues. 

Ms. Burke, as a member of the Mystic Valley Development Commission at Rivers Edge has been a strong voice for the creation of jobs, housing opportunities with an affordable component and an expanded tax base. The Rivers Edge project has produced hundreds of new jobs while at the same time cleaned up a 22 acre Brownfield site. Ms. Muccini Burke’s opponent was against the project.


Ms. Muccini Burke was a leader in the fight for new elementary and middle schools while a member of the Medford City Council and the Racial Balance Committee. Due to the work of the Committee, we received 90% reimbursement from the state School Building Authority on the $110 million project. The Columbus, Brooks, Roberts, McGlynn and Andrews schools were built. This learning environment lead to greater educational opportunities for our students that the old schools, some built in the 1800’s, early 1900’s and 1960, couldn’t provide. Ms. Burke’s opponent was the lone vote against the new school program. Further, the sale of the old schools, created additional housing opportunities and generated millions of dollars for Medford taxpayers.  


Stephanie Muccini Burke, as a Councillor and the City’s Budget Director, fought for the refurbishing of the two new fields at Medford High School and Hormel Stadium. Her opponent was the lone vote against them. This has lead to greater recreational space for our children and the residents of Medford.  


Stephanie Muccini Burke had directed the financial operations of this city as our Budget Director for four years. Our finances are strong, our bond rating continues to be upgraded, our reserves are significant and we continue to invest in our schools, parks, neighborhoods and public safety sector.  

Stephanie Muccini Burke has been a leader who has protected the financial stability of our community. She is the best candidate to lead this city forward.


Whether it be education, recreation, quality of life issues, jobs, environmental cleanup or housing opportunities, Stephanie Muccini Burke is the candidate best suited to lead this city forward! The decision that you will make on Election Day will decide the future direction and quality of life in our community. I would kindly ask you to consider and vote for Stephanie Muccini Burke for Medford’s next Mayor.

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