You’re invited to theCelebration Dinnerfor the Cormier Youth Center

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Good Evening Believers,


  We had a breakfast a couple of weeks ago at the new youth center. We invited a few folks we thought could help us with the final phase of the youth center funding. Our message was ” we are on the 10 yard line and we need your help to get it over the goal line “( direct quote from our good friend Carmen Scarpa). The youth center is 21,000 sq ft and almost 90 percent has been completed to date. We have about 2,500 sq ft. of interior unfinished space that we would like to complete as soon as possible. The space to finish is a tv/music production studio, leadership conference room, and work shop studio. There is also a set of 22 ft wide steps on the outside of the back of the building which will create access to the back yard of the Cormier Youth center (Doherty Fields) and the steps will also act as bleachers to the field activities as well as give kids a place to sit and relax on sunny New England days.


 Since our sunrise breakfast – people have been getting excited and really want to close the gap and raise the last dollars to finish this project. Yvon Cormier and family have decided to hold a golf tournament and celebration dinner asking all supporters past,present and future to be part of this incredible journey! EVERY PENNY RAISED WILL GO TO THE BUILDING. Andover Country Club is donating everything to this effort!! So if you go to dinner the entire $125 is going to the building. If you sponsor a hole the entire $500 is going to the building! If you play golf the entire amount is going to the cause! ” Wow ” is all we can say ; what a opportunity for the kids and for our community!!


Already the golf tourney is close to full and sponsorships and donations are coming in by the hour. The Daher family of Andover and Commonwealth Motors will be making a very , very special donation to The Yvon and Noella Cormier Youth Center during the evening of this event. The youth center is happening and we guarantee you are going to love it !!!


Please join us for a celebration of community,family and friendship on October 19th .


With Gratitude,

Bill and Ays team

Cormier family

Daher Family

Commonwealth Motors

Andover Country Club

Andover Youth Foundation

The kids of Andover 


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