Stephanie Muccini Burke Gaining Momentum with More Endorsements

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BOSTON: Mass Alliance, a coalition of varied political organizations dedicated to making Massachusetts more progressive is proud to announce their endorsement of Stephanie Muccini Burke candidate for Mayor of Medford.


“We are proud to endorse Stephanie Muccini Burke for Mayor,” said Jordan Berg Powers, Executive Director of Mass Alliance. “Stephanie has the experience and dedication to make Medford a leader in the commonwealth and be one of our next great Mayors. If voters want to elect someone who has the experience and ability to bring all of us together, the choice is clear, they should cast their vote for Stephanie.” Mass Alliance is a coalition of civil rights, economic justice, reproductive rights, environmental, healthcare and peace organizations that work together to build a better Commonwealth.


Mass Alliance’s endorsement comes from a multi-step process, taking in to account many facets of each candidate. Candidates go through an extensive process through which the member organizations decide to which candidate they should give their collective support. Mass Alliance’s endorsement of Stephanie Muccini Burke comes through the thoughtful consideration of members from all areas of the community and represents the combined endorsement of each of our member organizations.


“I am very proud to receive the endorsement of Mass Alliance” said Ms. Muccini Burke. “ It is very important for the Office of Mayor to work for the betterment of all in our community and be a strong voice for every citizen. It is of the utmost importance to respect each other’s differences and embrace our uniqueness.”


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