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13 Bostonians Under the Age of 35 Honored for Their Positive Contributions to the Community

BOSTON – Thursday, October 8, 2015 – On Friday, October 9, Mayor Walsh will attend and offer remarks at the ONEin3 Council’s 2015 Impact Awards ceremony recognizing young adult leaders who are doing outstanding work to improve the City of Boston for all residents. This year’s ceremony will recognize achievements in categories inspired by the city-wide planning initiative, Imagine Boston 2030, including: Housing and Mobility; Environment; Design and Open Space; Health, Prosperity and Equity; and Arts, Culture and Creativity. The event begins at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at Two International Place in Boston.
“Boston is known for having the best and the brightest talent, and I want to thank this year’s honorees for all their efforts towards making Boston an even better place to live, work and play,” said Mayor Walsh. “The work that ONEin3 does to engage our young population in the issues that impact them the most is a critically important part of our efforts to move the City forward for everyone.”
Nominated by their peers, awardees have been determined by a committee comprised of a diverse group of Council members and community leaders, and will receive a certificate of recognition from the City of Boston, signed by Mayor Walsh, in appreciation of their contribution and dedication to positively shaping the future of Boston. Five of the awardees have been selected by the ONEin3 Council to give short, personalized presentations on the motivation behind their efforts. At the end of the evening, attendees will choose the ultimate 2015 Impact Award winner by voting for the most compelling presentation.

Aeron Hodges, Stantec & WHAT’S IN

Jonathan Feinman, InnerCity Weightlifting

John Matthews Borders IV, Boston Celtics

Zoe Barry, ZappRX

Brad McNamara, Freight Farms

Additional Awardees:

Matt George, Bridj

Enrico Palmerino, ThinkLite & SmartBooks

Latoya Baskin, Janey Construction Management

Justin Kang, City Awake

Moises Cohen, BUILD

Adrian Anantawan, Conservatory Lab Charter School

Nicole Fichera, District Hall

Stephen Hamilton, Arts Connect International
About ONEin3

With more than one-third of Boston’s population between the ages of 20-34, Boston is home to the highest proportion of young adults out of any major city in America. Recognizing the importance of this demographic, the Mayor’s ONEin3 Initiative serves to increase civic engagement, promote active citizenship and build relationships to support and empowerBoston’s young adult population. Follow us on Twitter or learn more here:

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