VIASWORLD Offers New Services By: VIA and RMA 

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VIASWORLD is excited to introduce videographer Alex Fauver, “Fauv,” as its new addition to the VIASWORLD team. Growing up, Fauv lived in a small town in New Hampshire. His love for filming started when he began taking action shots while biking and skiing with friends. He continues to bring the same excitement that he gets from sports into his film work. Although Fauv does a wide range of film work, he specializes in shorter projects such as music videos and promotional videos. He works as a director of photography and camera operator. In the past few years, Fauv has done work in Boston, New York, Texas, Utah and California. Teaming up with Fauv in Boston, VIASWORLD now offers new services to local artists and local businesses. Such services include filmed interviews, photography, filmed events, and music video shoots. For a better look at Fauv’s work, visit his website Please email for more information on how VIASWORLD’s services can benefit you! 

Twitter: @Viasworld_ 


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