Greater Boston Labor Council Endorses Jeff Donahue for Ward 4 Malden

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“The Greater Boston Labor Council is proud to endorse Jeff Donahue for Ward 4 Malden City Councilor. Jeff as a union member and activist will bring a much needed worker’s perspective to the Malden City Council” said Rich Rogers, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Greater Boston Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

The endorsement is a boost to the Donahue campaign as the organization is made up of 160 unions representing 90,000 workers in the Greater Boston area. The Greater Boston Labor Council’s mission is to improve the lives of working families within the 24 communities in their jurisdiction. Their goal is to build a movement to advocate for working family issues in city and town halls throughout Greater Boston. The Greater Boston Labor Council also seeks to reach out to progressive allies within their communities to form coalitions to advance the cause of economic justice. They endorse and campaign for candidates for municipal office who are supportive of the needs of union members and working families.
Jeff Donahue is proud to receive this endorsement which is a strong statement of support for his campaign from those who fight on a daily basis to improve the lives of the working families of cities like Malden. While previously serving as the Ward Four City Councillor, Jeff was always an outspoken and independent voice on behalf of the working people of Malden which is why he earned the endorsement.
Donahue added: “When you look at all the building going on in Malden it is clear that the citizens of Malden and especially Ward Four need to have an effective voice on the City Council. I was a lead sponsor of the City’s Visioning Project whose goal was to get citizens involved in planning for Malden’s future development NOT just the special interests. I always stood up for the working people of Malden and I never forgot that I worked for the CITIZENS of Malden.”  
For more information or to volunteer to help out call: 781 858-6981 or email Jeff at


unions representing over 90,000 members

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