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Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett have once again partnered with Roca, an outcomes-driven organization dedicated to transforming the lives of the most high-risk young people from ages 17-24. Roca combines relentless outreach with data-driven evaluation to produce consistent, positive outcomes for young people in the Greater Boston area, including the communities of Everett, Chelsea, Revere, Boston and East Boston.


Roca is collaborating with the Everett Police Department and the Department of Public Works to introduce several participants from the Roca program to the City of Everett. Led by a Roca supervisor, the workers will assist the DPW with daily operations around the city, while simultaneously learning essential life skills such as responsibility and work ethic.


“Roca is a wonderful program, and we are happy to participate again this year,” Mayor DeMaria said. “This partnership allows some of our residents a second chance while bringing the City a few extra hands to put to work.”


Many prevention programs target youth, but evidence shows that those programs make little impact on stopping violence in older teens and young adults. Roca understands that high-risk young people are often left out of programming and therefore their problems are never addressed. Few programs are capable or willing to reach and retain this group.


The Roca organization has become known for its high retention rate of clients, despite obstacles such as fear, distrust, lack of motivation, social and academic disengagement, repeated harmful and problem behaviors, and even illegal behaviors. Roca has designed a system of programming that includes a well-tested intervention model and has proved successful over the years.

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