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 Today, Mayor Michael J. McGlynn announced that the City of Medford will be implementing some important improvements to make our roads safer. Shortly, in response to recommendations from the Medford Bicycle Advisory Commission, the Department of Public Works will:


● create bike lanes to Medford High School and Medford Vocational Technical High School along Winthrop Street between the Winchester line and Wildwood Road.

● apply shared lane markings, or “sharrows”, along with signs that read “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” on:

 Playstead Road, from Winthrop Street to High Street;

 Medford Street, from its intersection with Main Street to the Somerville line.

 Boston Avenue, from Winthrop Street to the Somerville line (after the road is repaved);


The bike lane will create a five foot wide travel lane with enough room to stay safely out of the “door zone”. It is helpful to note that these bike lanes will not make any changes to parking and will create much safer travel for both vehicles and bicycles.


Sharrows are often used on roads that are not wide enough for bike lanes. They will be placed in positions that guide bike riders to the safest position on the road and will help motorists by indicating that they should expect to see people on bikes riding in the travel lane. The signs will be a helpful reminder to all in Medford that riders are permitted to use all portions of the lane and are not restricted to the ones marked for bikes, as is the case on any road in Massachusetts where bikes are allowed.


“I appointed the Bicycle Advisory Commission in 2013 to help make Medford a more welcoming and safe place for bicyclists and to improve safety for all road users,” said Mayor McGlynn. “I am pleased to get these projects moving forward.”


Downloadable files:

Lanes and Sharrows Graphic, hi res PDF

Lanes and Sharrows Graphic, screen res JPEG


Caption: Marking our roads with bike lanes and sharrows guides bike riders to the safest position on the road and helps motorists know where they should expect to see them.

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