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 Mayor Carlo DeMaria visited last week with several Everett youth participating in the Mayor’s Summer Youth Work Program. There are 187 youth working this year in various capacities for the City of Everett.

Many are employed with the Department of Public Works, helping to maintain public parks and grassy areas, prepare the City for the winter and contribute to the overall beautification of Everett. City Hall is also benefiting from the Summer Youth Work Program, as a number of young adults are performing administrative roles in City offices.


“This program helps our kids to gain appreciation for work and to develop a real sense of responsibility,” said Mayor DeMaria. “It gives kids a taste of how it is to live and work in the real world. We make sure that by the end of the summer, they are going back to school with a good work ethic.”


The Summer Youth Work Program is sponsored in part by the City and a variety of donors, including Cataldo, Wynn Resorts and Honda.


“I’m very impressed by the work ethic of the kids this year,” said Kevin O’Donnell, Director of Human Resources for the City of Everett. “We are seeing great results from their work.”


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