Massachusetts State Police:State Fire Marshal K-9 Appreciation Day

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On Monday, February 23, 2015 the State Fire Marshal’s Office held an appreciation event for the Troopers and K-9 that are assigned to their office.
Starting the event off was (Retired) Detective Lieutenant RA Corry, who was the first unit commander assigned to the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Detective Lieutenant Corry spoke about the unit first canine trained for the unit, K-9 Hulk. Also presenting at the event was Stat…e Fire Marshal Stephen Coan; representing the State Police Association of Massachusetts, Troopers Dana Pullman and Andrew Daly; representing the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriters Association, Jack Golembeski and Ron Meehan.

Troopers assigned to the Fire & Explosion Investigation Section are currently under the command of Detective Lieutenant Paul Zipper. The troopers assigned to the unit are appreciative of the collaborative team effort the state police have with the State Fire Marshal’s Office.



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