Arlington Police Department Reports 25 Percent Drop in Part 1 Crimes in 2014 Burglaries Down 48 Percent

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ARLINGTON — Police Chief Frederick Ryan reports that the Arlington Police Department oversaw a 25 percent drop in serious crime from in 2014, compared with the previous year.

“The men and women of the Arlington Police Department work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep our community and its people safe, and I am very proud of the results we saw last year,” Chief Ryan said. “While there is always work to do, last year is a testament to the dedication our officers have to the difficult and ever-changing tasks of preventing and deterring crime.”

“Part 1 Crimes” are designated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to be the most serious crimes affecting a community, they include: murder/manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, arson, and motor vehicle theft.

In 2014 there were a total of 444 Part 1 Crimes reported in Arlington, down 25 percent from 592 Part 1 Crimes in 2013.

A closer look at the data shows a decrease in six of the eight crimes listed.

There were no murders in Arlington in 2014 compared to three in 2013. There were nine reported rapes, two more than last year. Arlington had nine robberies, one less than last year. Of the nine robberies committed, suspects were armed in three incidents and unarmed in six incidents. Arlington experienced forty-two aggravated assaults in 2014, an increase of 10 incidents from last year.

Over the past several years, the Arlington Police Department has made a concerted effort to encourage victims of domestic violence and domestic sexual assault to come forward. While it is disconcerting that these types of crimes would occur anywhere, Chief Ryan commends the victims for having the strength to come forward and report their abusers.

The Arlington Police Department will also seek an expanded partnership and relationship with a group home program in town, with a focus on crime prevention.

Burglaries in Arlington decreased the most, with 61 incidents reported in 2014 compared to 130 incidents in 2013. There were two reported arsons, one less than last year. In 2014, there were 307 reported larcenies, which is a decrease of 74 incidents from 2013. There were 14 motor vehicles stolen, a decrease of 12 from 2013.

Chief Ryan also credits the strong, trusting partnerships formed between the Arlington Police Department and neighborhood groups, particularly the Stratton neighborhood group, which worked closely with the Police Department in 2014.



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