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BOSTON – Monday, February 23, 2015 – Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced “Boston Bingo,” a game created by the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development to support local businesses following the historic amount of snow that Boston has received over the past thirty days.
Mayor Walsh is encouraging residents and visitors to download the bingo card at Paper cards will be available this week at businesses located in Main Streets districts.

“Boston Bingo is a creative way for residents to come together and support our local economy as we continue to recover from the historic amount of snow Boston has received this winter,” said Mayor Walsh.

The cards look like a traditional bingo card and encourage players to “grab a burger” or “see a show,” and remind them to have a pizza delivered, purchase something small, or “snag something spicy.”

Players are encouraged to snap a photo at each location and tweet, Instagram, or Facebook a picture using the hashtag #BosBINGO, and consider tagging each local establishment.

“We are excited to launch Boston Bingo,” said John Barros, Chief of Economic Development. “The weather has taken a toll on small business revenues, making it harder for them to pay their employees, or keep up with the costs of keeping their doors open. It’s so important that we do what we can to support them, and encourage our neighbors to do the same.”

The game will run through March 15. Submissions can be entered electronically or by delivering them to the Office of Economic Development at Boston City Hall. Prizes include Bruins tickets, a Hubway membership and coffee with the Mayor. A full list and detailed instructions accompany the bingo cards.

Full rules are available at

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