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Crews continue to work day and night in preparation for more possible snow

In the last several weeks, the City has successfully battled several historic winter storms. Facing a snowfall of over 72.5 inches so far, with drifts as high as six or seven feet in some locations, the Department of Public Works has tirelessly manned the streets of Everett and continues to do so with the possibility of more storms ahead.

Sixty pieces of snow removal equipment, both City-owned and contracted vehicles, are in circulation this winter. Dozens of crews, are working coordinated split-shifts, utilizing the plows, sanders, bobcat front end loaders, and sidewalk plows to ensure the safety of the City’s main arteries, side streets and sidewalks. In the days following the most recent storms DPW worked diligently both plowing and coordinating snow removal. With the potential of receiving a significant amount of more snow, crews continue to work nights, seven days a week, to remove snow to the best of their ability in an attempt to make streets wider so that they are safer and more accessible.

“During this period of unprecedented weather, the City is working day and night to move and clear snow from streets,” states Mayor DeMaria, “It is an arduous task and will take time and patience. I want to thank residents for their cooperation and hard work this winter. Throughout the City I have seen residents helping each other by shoveling out elderly neighbors and fire hydrants. And of course I also want to thank our DPW crews for their unyielding effort to keep our roads as clear and safe as possible. Their job is not easy and they deserve recognition for a tireless, and often thankless, job.”

A true team effort, several departments were essential in assisting DPW with the snow emergencies. The Police, Fire, Emergency 911, Parking Enforcement and Code Enforcement departments all continue to work alongside DPW during snow storms. The EPD and Parking Enforcement have been instrumental in informing residents of snow emergencies and in removing vehicles not in compliance with regulations, so that plow crews can properly clean neighborhoods and streets. The EFD battles snow mounds and continue to uncover fire hydrants across the city. The EFD, in conjunction with E911, also have responded to many roof issues and emergencies. Code Enforcement inspectors also work the duration of the storms, and more importantly after the snow fall, doing their best to assure that people do not dump snow back into the cleaned streets or save parking spots with household objects, both which are prohibited by City Ordinance.

With more snow predicted in the upcoming weeks, Mayor DeMaria, through the Metro Mayors’ Association, has been participating in conversations with State government to portray our needs for assistance.

“Unfortunately, we still have a lot of winter left to go,” states Mayor DeMaria, “the best way to get through it is to continue to work cooperatively as a community and remember that we are all in this together. I ask for residents to remain patient and to follow snow regulations both during and after storms.”



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