Sudbury Police Investigate Suspicious Device In Roadway

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On 10-10-13 at approximately 4:17 PM the Sudbury Public Safety Center received a call from a Thompson Drive resident regarding suspicious device having been located in the roadway and moved next to their mailbox. Responding units examined the device to the extent possible determining there was a credible threat. In light of their observations a perimeter was established at a safe distance and Thompson Drive was shut down to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the safety of all. The Massachusetts State Police Explosives Unit was contacted, responding very promptly. The ensuing examination by the explosive technician determined the device was no longer a threat. The device was secured by the technician for further examination and processing in continuing the investigation. It is not completely clear what the intent of the device was but appears to be some sort of infernal device. Numerous searches of the area were conducted to determine if there may be a secondary device, to include the Thompson Drive area as well the perimeter of Lincoln-Sudbury property, with negative results. A notification was made to limited Lincoln-Sudbury staff yesterday evening given the proximity of their facility to the device. The device was never in a mailbox as previously reported.

The incident remains under investigation as to the origin of the device and whether there was a specific target. Although we do not feel anyone was specifically targeted at this point, we are considering all possibilities as the investigation progresses. We want to remind residents that if a suspicious device/object/package is encountered to contact authorities immediately. Please refrain moving such discoveries as a safety precaution. At this point, the circumstances appear to be an isolated incident but if further information is developed we will update everyone accordingly. If anyone has information or had seen any suspicious activity in the Thompson Drive or any other areas in town recently please contact the Sudbury Police Department.

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