Non-Profit Speaking Out Safely Launches New Web Site and Strategic Commitment

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Non-Profit Speaking Out Safely Launches

New Web Site and Strategic Commitment

Haverhill, MA — Speaking Out Safely® is a non-profit organization focused on the prevention and response of three epidemic level crises: child sexual abuse, domestic violence and bullying.  Speaking Out Safely provides simple, innovative educational solutions, community outreach and training tools.  Speaking Out Safely educates across the spectrum of each topic: primary prevention, bystander intervention, victim support services and healing.  We offer strategy and case management services; legal and advocacy seminars; and public and community outreach. Speaking Out Safely is creating a new future for a loving, empowered and ‘us world’.

Speaking Out Safely’s team is designed to provide comprehensive, yet simple training to empower systemic and societal change.  The programs cover the spectrum of educational solutions for issues that are at epidemic levels:

  • 1 in 5 children have been sexually abused by the age of 18,
  • 1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted or experience domestic violence in their lifetime,
  • 7 out of 10 children have been bullied by the time they reach high school.

“We are making education simple and supporting gaps in the systems where people continue to be abused with no relief,” stated Eva Montibello, Founder of Speaking Out Safely. “At this early stage, we are speaking to community members who need support and are thinking societally on the transformation of abuse to kindness.  Or, if we can’t stop abuse in the first place – we are working towards ending it sooner.”

The Speaking Out Safely team unites from a variety of backgrounds, experience and each person brings diverse perspectives and complimentary expertise.  All members of the team share the goal of making a difference in the areas of safety, prevention and swift response:

  • Eva Montibello, the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer has participated in the Ms. Foundation Movement to End Child Sexual Abuse and was the Executive Director of Protect Mass Children.  Eva has worked on legislation including Melissa’s Law, eliminating the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse and Erin’s Law in schools.  Eva holds a Masters in Communications Management from Simmons College, completing a thesis on communications frameworks for child sexual abuse prevention; and a Bachelor in Public Relations from Salem State.
  • Megan Mitchell, JD is the Executive Director and lead for the Legal Lifeline.  Under the Women and Children’s Advocacy Project for the Center of Law and Social Responsibility at New England Law, Megan launched multiple initiatives to help victims of abuse, completely renovating the Project’s two main projects: the Judicial Language Project and Sexual Violence Legal.  Megan holds a Juris Doctorate from New England Law and two Bachelor degrees.
  • Christine Lozier is the President and holds the responsibilities as spokesperson, advocate, and leads the curriculum development for survivors.  Christine works in the medical equipment field, and last held the position as Vice President of a multimillion-dollar corporation.  Formerly, Christine was the Vice President at Protect Mass Children and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science.
  • Vita Chiarenza is the Program Director for Standing Strong, the bystander intervention and domestic violence prevention and system support.  She has worked for the Department of Public Health as a Case Manager, providing crisis intervention, counseling and support for homeless families. As a Mental Health Clinician, she has vast experience performing psychosocial assessments, screenings and services for mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence. Vita holds a Masters of Social Work from Salem State College. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Simmons College.

For more information or interviews, contact Eva Montibello at (617) 669-7181 or

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