Motorcycle Representation on the Governor’s Highway Safety Committee Bill moves forward

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The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) is pleased to inform the riders of Massachusetts that House Bill 3046 (H.3046), An Act adding motorcycle support to the Governor’s Highway Safety Committee, has successfully passed through 2nd Reading today without amendment and has been ordered to a 3rd Reading. Upon successful passage of this 3rd Reading, the Bill hits the floor in the House of Representatives for a formal vote.

The MMA will be contacting the House Third Reading Committee to request quick movement for H.3046. Once voted by the House, a successful passage sends the Bill to the Massachusetts Senate for readings, debate, and hopefully, a vote.

The MMA thanks all riders who took time to telephone and/or FAX and/or e-mail their Representative to request support for H.3046. Your efforts contributed to this result and we’ll need further participation in the near future.

Questions and comments can be sent to and further information can be located at

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