Cambridge Police Superintendent Honored by Gay Officers Action League of New England

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Superintendent Burke received the Henry Dumas Memorial Award for being an ally of the GLBT community through his support of GOAL-NE, advancing trainings in the police and fire departments, and his work with the Cambridge GLBT Commission. 

Upon receiving his award, Burke said, “I really wasn’t sure what to expect and whether I could be effective or not…But through my work with GOAL and the Cambridge GLBT Commission, I now truly have an understanding of what it means to be an ally.”

The Henry Dumas Memorial Award is named after former GOAL New England member Henry Dumas who passed away in the year 2000 at an all-too-young age. Henry would help with any project that was asked of him, but did so from behind the scenes. A police officer from Dudley, MA, Henry loved GOAL New England and was a true supporter of what the organization stands for. He was always proud to be a part of the organization. It is in respect to Henry that this award was established to be presented annually to a member or supporter of the organization who works quietly behind the scenes to continue to move the organization forward in reaching its goals.

Commissioner Ed Davis of Boston Police, Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, and others were also honored at the event. Learn more about GOAL-NE at

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