Wayland Police Department Swears in New Officer

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Chief Robert Irving is pleased to announce the appointment of Jarrod S. Kullich as a police officer with the Wayland Police Department. Officer Kullich was selected for this position inSeptember. Officer Kullich began his career in law enforcement in 2002 with the Boston Housing Authority Police Department and graduated from the Metro-South Police Academy that same year. A year later he transferred to the Norwood Police Department where he has served for the past 11 years. 

As a member of Norwood P.D., Officer Kullich gained extensive experience and training as a patrol officer. He was a member of the motorcycle patrol and was assigned to the evening shift.

Officer Kullich is married with two children and resides in Norwood.

A swearing in ceremony will take place at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting this evening, when Officer Kullich will take the Oath of Office from Wayland Town Clerk, Lois Toombs.

The hiring of Officer Kullich brings the overall strength of the department to twenty-two. The department is authorized 23 full-time positions and efforts are ongoing to fill the 23rd position.

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