October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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To kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Barbara Tolstrup invited breast cancer survivor, Peter Devereaux, on her MATV show, “Malden Square,” to help educate the public that the disease affects men as well as women. Also featured on the show was breast cancer survivor, Joann Stroud-Lebeau, who runs the Breast Cancer Program at the Malden YWCA. “It is extremely important that we raise awareness of men having breast cancer,” Joann explained. “Every year 2,000 men in this country are diagnosed. Last year 440 men died of the disease.”


Peter currently has stage four breast cancer and the disease has spread to other parts of his body. He is currently undergoing treatments to control the growth of the cancer. When he was diagnosed in January of 2008 he was initially told that he had 2-4 years to live. “I’m still here and I’m reaching out to men to let them know that early detection is crucial,” said Peter. 


The Malden YWCA is sponsoring the 10th Celebration of “Tina’s Heart” an event for breast cancer survivors on Sunday, October 27th  from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Malden Senior Center, 7 Washington Street. This event is free for breast cancer survivors and the celebration includes lunch and entertainment.


For more information about the event or to donate to the Malden YWCA Breast Cancer Program, please visit www.maldenywca.org.


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