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The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) alerts riders that House Bill 3046 (H.3046), An Act adding motorcycle support to the Governors Highway Safety Committee has been released from the Joint Committee on Transportation with a Favorable, Ought to Pass recommendation.

H.3046 is now scheduled for the formal “2nd reading” and possible debate tomorrow, Wednesday October 9 at the next House of Representative Formal Session. Once past this hurdle, the bill moves to a “3rd reading” and vote on the House Floor before heading to the Senate for further debates & vote.

The Governors Highway Safety Committee exists per Massachusetts General Law, but is currently not represented by anyone whose interest lies in protecting the motorcyclists of Massachusetts. Decisions are being made almost daily which effect motorcyclists including cable barriers along routes 2 and 140, which may have some financial benefit, but are essentially meat slicers to unprotected motorists like a motorcycle rider. Another example is the recent repaving along routes 290 and 395 in Oxford and Worcester which created deep grooves in the road. These now permanent grooves for lane markings are not only dangerous to motorcyclists, but will potentially reduce the lifecycle of the pavement by allowing ice to collect and expand, cracking the road surface. Such decisions need to be reviewed with ALL motorists in mind: the lack of motorcycle representation on such a committee must be corrected. 

Riders are asked to contact their State Representative and request immediate support for House Bill 3046 which seeks to add a single seat for a representative of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA). Find your legislators here and be sure they vote to support H.3046.

FAX your letters to your State Representatives Office or make a quick telephone call directly to your Representatives Legislative Aide. Be sure to ask for a vote in support of H.3046 this Wednesday.

For additional information, and click on the Legislation tab. Questions and comments can be sent to

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