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This month’s seminar is on Saturday, October 12th, 2013 at 7:00PM. Social hour starts at 6:00PM. The location is 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142 or MIT Tang Center, Building E51, Room 315. It is on the third floor and parking is behind the building.

I am excited to have Dr. DeSheng Wang王德勝博士, P.E., CWS, CSE of Creative Land and Water Engineering, LLC. to present Real Estate Development in Massachusetts – Environmental/Permitting Issues”. Dr. Wang is a multidisciplinary expert on land development, environmental/wildlife management, and governmental permitting.

His extensive experience involves, just to name a few, structural engineering design, environmental site assessment (21E), wild life habitat survey, sediment and erosion control, wetland, ground water, flood management,..etc.  

In this presentation, Dr. Wang will give an overview of the types of real estate development in Massachusetts. He will also discuss the environmental issues and the laws relating to land development.  This is an invaluable presentation for anyone who owns land and wants to learn what to do with it. You will not have the opportunity to hear Dr. Wang‘s speech very often.

In the Landlord Discussion Session, Cindy Wang 王茜of Midtown Properties, Inc. will present the tips of the month followed by Eddie Chen 陳知正who will present a recent investment case showing the NET return of 42% in 20 months.

If you would like to attend Boston Asian Landlord Association Investment Group (BALAIG) please contact me. 

If you have announcement to make in the seminar or can share your story in the Landlord Discussion Session please do not hesitate to call me to schedule.

We thank MIT Sloan Asia Business Club for hosting the seminars and KanZhongGuo New England’s media promotion. We also thank the news coverages by Sing Tao Daily, World Journal, China Press Weekly, The Epoch Times, Boston Chinese News, DuoWei Times, Asian American News Letter, and 美國中文電視團. 

Please find attached information for the seminar and a membership form. I look forward to talking to you.



Midtown Properties, Inc. 中城地產
Boston Asian Landlord Association 

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