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The Board of Directors of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. has informed the City of Medford that on September 30, 2013 it voted to legally dissolve as a corporation and relinquish Channel 3 Medford. This announcement follows a series of discussions between Mayor McGlynn and MCC President Frank Pilleri. The process of transferring the assets of MCC to the City of Medford will commence in the coming days. These assets will be held by the City and can only be used for the purposes of access television in the City of Medford.


In light of this announcement, the Mayor stated that there are two immediate issues that need to be addressed.


The first is the ability of candidates for public office to have their messages heard. In this regard the Mayor is inviting all of the candidates for public office in the upcoming municipal election to contact Jack Dempsey at Medford High School. Mr. Dempsey will assist them by filming a video presentation of their respective positions. These presentations will later be broadcast on the City’s educational channel.


The second concern relates to the future of community public access television in the City of Medford. The Mayor announced today that in the coming days he will appoint a three person committee to develop the guiding principles for the future of public access television in the City of Medford.


McGlynn said “I look at this as an opportunity to search for fresh approaches to community access television that are based on a foundation of transparency and inclusiveness and allow for the fullness of artistic and individual expression.”   


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