How Do You Take Your Mold With One Lump or Two?

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Boston News Group Consumer Alert
By William Tauro
These are some pretty disgusting photos of the inside of the cappuccino machine thats located at the Mobile Gas Station  on Mystic Avenue in Medford Square.
The inside of the machine is completely covered with what appears to be thick disgusting mold growing out of it’s feeding tubes that the coffee you drink flows through!
But in this case, the coffee is filtering through the so called mold and right into your cup!
It was discovered Tuesday night when a customer was helping himself to a cup of pumpkin cappuccino from the self-service machine.
When the customer began to drink the coffee pumpkin cappuccino, he Immediately spit it out after taking a big gulp that he said “tasted like horse crap!”
He immediately complained, to the attendant in charge who opened the face of the machine door in front of us and there it was, thick green and white mold growing everywhere inside the machine.
When we asked him how often do you clean the machine he replied that he himself “cleans it every day.”
With all this deplorable evidence at hand and after we told him about the mould and unsanitary conditions of the machine,  the store keeper still kept the machine available to his customers and open to the public!
we are just hoping that a Medford health inspector is notified and steps up to the plate on his or her inspections of fast food convenient stores in the city and especially with this Medford gas station.
This particular situation raises an interesting issue.
“Should gas stations sell only gas or should they sell both gas and food to the public?”
 What’s your opinion? Let us know!

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