No more lost kids: Cell Police launches Vacation Protector app to boost family safety and security

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Advanced and easy way to keep tabs on young children, teens, elders, and spouses while traveling (or staying home).

Parkland, Florida (MMD Newswire) September 18, 2013 — Family vacations and outings are supposed to be fun, but nothing can spoil a cross-country trip, a day at the beach, or simple a shopping spree like a child going missing (every parent’s worst nightmare), or an elderly parent wandering off and getting lost, or an errant teen sneaking off to that college keg party, or any number of other disasters that can make a family wish they had just stayed home. These things happen far too often, but now technology comes to the rescue with Cell Police’s new exclusive app, Vacation Protector. Vacation Protector offers sophisticated tracking and monitoring technology that makes it a breeze to keep tabs on everyone – in real time – even if the group is scattered far and wide. “Vacation Protector is an advanced way to take care of an entire family or group of travelers, whether they are embarking on a long trip or a quick outing,” says Cell Police President, Keith Casey. And it’s one of those tools that people really need, even if they’re not yet aware of how much they need it. “The typical vacationing family spends a huge amount of money, time, and energy on transportation, lodging, meals, sightseeing, sports activities, and souvenirs, but shockingly little on vacation safety and security,” says Casey. “It’s something that people just don’t think about very much, unless they’re high-profile travelers. Celebrities and politicians have their bodyguards and their entourages, but there really are no agencies or services catering to the safety and security needs of the average traveler. And with the world becoming an increasingly dangerous place, the precautions most people take on vacations are simply not sufficient. People need something practical, proven, and affordable like Cell Police Vacation Protector.”

Describing the app as “the new standard for both personal and business travel, either across the country or across the world,” Casey explains that Vacation Protector has GPS-enabled services and advanced tracking features. The user can instantly see where every “tagged” member of the group is in real time, and exactly where he or she has been. It sends real-time updates to the user’s mobile device. “Cell Police technology is years ahead of its time,” said Casey. Keith Casey, who studied at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Engineering at Columbia University in NYC, law at St. John’s University in Brooklyn and spent 20 years as a private investigator in New Orleans, said the technology was designed to protect families and allow parents to monitor and filter all aspects of their children’s cell phone usage. Keith Casey’s partner, and Cell Police CEO, CTO and Developer, Mickey Blowitz, is a prodigy in the field of programming and solely responsible for creating and developing the app. Vacation Protector provides the user with a 10-key package and two “master access” accounts. Casey explains, “This is the first app we’ve offered that allows for two master users. This lets both parents, through their cell phones, monitor all of their family members – including each other – in real time. No more stopping for a drink at your favorite bar after work and telling your spouse you’re working late.”

The patent-pending Cell Police technology allows both parents to see, on one screen, where every family member is at any given time. They can also monitor each family member’s cell phone or other mobile device use, including all phone calls, text messages, web sites visited, apps downloaded, and so forth. Parents have the ability to selectively block any phone number or web site.

Cell Police’s “geo-fencing” capability also allows master users to set boundaries around each family member. When the family member ventures outside that boundary, the app will send alerts to both parents, followed up by emails, noting the time and place of the infraction. The parents can then see real-time exactly where the family member is, and activate features to help track them down or contact them.

Casey says, “If you have an unmanageable number of kids going with you on a trip, that’s when you need Vacation Protector the most. You can simply turn on the geo-fencing and set a certain range, say 100 meters. After that, if any of your kids goes beyond that range you will be notified instantly. This way you can help protect them from wandering off to the beach, or into heavy traffic, or anywhere else by themselves where they’re not supposed to go.” Vacation Protector is also a godsend for the directionally impaired. “For instance,” says Casey, “if any of your family members go shopping in some strange city, you can route even the most complicated directions with Vacation Protector’s amazing GPS capabilities.” It also provides the shortest route to get to them, if necessary. The user interface is easy and intuitive, with interactive features that make it easy to connect with any or all members of the family or group. “Your mobile phone will also capture all the details of the conversation you had with the member in the form of an exclusive data log,” Casey says. “While getting all the information about one member you can still be in touch with all other family members, and you can receive simultaneous movement updates on them on your interactive mobile dashboard.” It all adds up to a safer, more worry-free experience for everyone, Casey adds. “You can go anywhere with all your kids, your neighbor’s kids, and your elders without constantly worrying about their whereabouts and safety. With Vacation Protector, you can easily detect the exact location of all your family members at once on your cell phone or tablet.” Cell Police offers a variety of apps for both personal and business use. There are versions for all standard mobile device operating systems, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, and for most cell phones and tablets.

There’s also a “Pro” version of the apps, which offer even more features. Cell Police Pro allows parents to listen in on their children’s phones, and even to turn on their video cameras, without the children ever knowing. This offers superior protection from predators and helps parents monitor unsavory activities. While it may seem a little Big Brother-ish to some, to parents, it’s just caring. Casey believes that Vacation Protector fills a crucial need in the travel and tourism industry. In fact, is launching a major new website for vacation rentals on October 31, 2013, and will offer its renters the ability to purchase Cell Police Vacation Protector with every rental. Cell Police has plans to enter into similar arrangements with other travel and resort firms. Currently Vacation Protector is available for $49.95 per week, with an additional option for Pro version available for just $9.95 per week. For information about the Cell Police Vacation Protector app, see

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Toll free: 1-855-234-8498


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