Congressman Stephen Lynch is Going after the cow vote at Dedham Day!

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By William Tauro

The Friends of Dedham Recreation and the Friends of the Dedham Pool held their 25th annual Dedham Day on Sunday September 29 at the John Barnes Memorial park.

There were barbecue, games, rides, crafts, shows and music.

It was a real family fun day for all!!!

It was also the Annual Memorial mega (cow flap).

A field was divided into 3,000 individual deeded one yard squares.

Deeds were sold at $10.00 per square.

This gave you the opportunity to share in $9,000.00 in prizes.

1st prize $5,000.00

2nd prize…$2,500.00

3rd prize $1,000.00

4th prize $500.00

At 2 o”clock sharp, “Juliette the cow” was lead onto the deeded field.

The first plot that she fertilized won $5,000.00, the second $2,500.00. The third $1,000.00 and the fourth $500.00.

If “Juliette” failed to fertilize the four plots by 3:30pm, a drawing would be held for the number of prizes that were not fertilized.


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