Mayor’s Office Launches Transition Blog

Posted by will feature daily content aimed at a smooth transition

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced the launch of a blog aimed at helping the City and the next Administration transition smoothly. began featuring content at noon today, marking 100 days remaining in Mayor Menino’s term.

“My team is working hard to try and make this transition as smooth as possible. This site is part of that work,” Mayor Menino said in a video introduction posted to the site. “Our hope is that our city – the best city in the world – doesn’t miss a step. As we begin our last 100 days, we hope the contents of this site will aid the next team in a successful first 100 days.”

The blog will be updated daily, and information will span City departments and neighborhoods. The goal is to provide insight on policies, procedures and fun facts with videos, graphs, lists and other dynamically presented information about the city and its work. The Mayor hopes this will provide a way for everyone to understand more of how their government works and assist in providing a seamless handoff to next Mayor.

Hits for this week will include: constituent and neighborhood services, the budget, the ongoing public process around upcoming trash contracts, an overview of the City’s Onein3 program, and the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Mayoral event preparation


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