Reading Schools Turn Unwanted Textiles into Revenue

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The Reading Schools have partnered with Bay State Textiles on an ongoing textile recycling fundraiser. The focus of the program is to spread awareness to the problem of textile waste, educate the community on acceptable items for recycling while generating revenue for the schools. There are 520-million pounds of textiles that end up in Massachusetts landfills and incinerators every year, 95-percent of which could have been recycled instead.

Bay State Textiles placed collection bins outside of all 9 of the Reading schools. By placing the boxes at the schools it makes for convenience for the community.

Items to be recycled include clothing, shoes, pocketbooks, linens and stuffed animals. The old rule for donating was the items have to be in good condition, Bay State Textiles accepts it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. Donate your textiles in any condition as long as it is clean and dry.

By recycling the items, Reading can save on the cost of trash disposal, generate revenue for the schools and have a positive impact on the environment. Bay State Textiles pays a rebate to the schools of $100 per ton for the unwanted textiles.

There is no cost to the program and Bay State Textiles maintains the bins, servicing the boxes at least once a week. A driver goes around with a hamper and scale, a report is generated that goes to the schools and rebate checks are received monthly

When cleaning out your closets, support the schools!

A full list of acceptable items is available at


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