Cambridge Relaunches Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Dispatch Program

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Cambridge, MA — The City of Cambridge’s Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Program (“ACT Program”) recently relaunched its dispatch service with a local taxicab company serving as the new manager of the dispatch system.  Ambassador Brattle Cab, a longtime staple in the Cambridge taxicab industry, will now coordinate the calls for service for the City’s wheelchair accessible taxicabs.   

The Cambridge taxicab fleet maintains eight accessible taxicabs.  These taxicabs—some vans, some minivans—serve the general public 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, priority service is given to elderly and disabled passengers.  Cambridge accessible taxicabs operate as any other Cambridge taxi: they may be flagged down on the street, boarded at a taxi stand or contacted by telephone.  For an accessible Cambridge taxicab, call: Accessible Cambridge Taxi Program at 1-888-872-6721.

Regular Cambridge taxi meter rates are in effect for all accessible taxicab service. The most recent list of all taxicab rates can be found on the License Commission’s Hackney website located at:  

Taxi Discount Coupons remain available at no charge for Cambridge residents who are 60 years of age and older, or who have a disability.  Coupons have a face value of $2.50.  Passengers may use one coupon if the one-way fare is up to $7 or a maximum of two coupons if the one-way fare is over $7. For more information about the Taxi Discount Coupon Program or the Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Program, contact:
Cambridge License Commission, 617-349-6140 or 617-349- 6112 (TTY)
Cambridge Council on Aging, 617-349-6220 or 617-349- 6050 (TTY)
Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities, 617-349- 4692 or 617-492-0235 (TTY)

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