Today’s News: Our Take – General Hospital’s Nostalgic 50th Anniversary Plans

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All that’s missing are the mullets. A trip to the General Hospital soundstage these days feels like an express pass to the 1980s, especially during the filming of the big fan-fave event known as the Nurses Ball. The red-carpet soiree – airing April 5, 8 and 9 as part of the soap’s 50th anniversary celebration – has Rick Springfield returning as Dr. Noah Drake, who will take to the stage and rock out “Jessie’s Girl.” Off on the sidelines, Frisco (Jack Wagner) is trying to woo back his Reagan-era love Felicia (Kristina Wagner), while Anna (Finola Hughes) is once again in the arms of her Duke (Ian Buchanan). And look, it’s the long-lost Nurse B obbie (Jackie Zeman)! Fitness guru Richard Simmons, another ’80s fixture in Port Charles, is on hand as the charity gala’s pushy choreographer. But not even he can get these oldies sweatin’.

“Getting back together for the Nurses Ball has been the coolest thing ever,” says Lynn Herring, who is juggling 13 gown changes as zany emcee Lucy Coe. “Finola, Kristina, Jackie and I have been in hysterics reminiscing about how we’d get pregnant at the same time and drive the producers crazy. It’s been 25 or 30 years for most of us, yet it’s like no time has passed at all.”

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