Mayor Presents New Reorganization Plan to City Council

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On Tuesday, September 24th, Mayor Gary Christenson presented the Malden City Council with a proposed plan combining three separate functions under one umbrella to create a more cohesive approach to the city’s delivery of services related to all aspects of planning and economic development as well as parking. 

Mayor Christenson has proposed uniting the Malden Redevelopment Authority, the City Planner, and the Mayor’s Business Development Officer under a new “Office of Strategic Planning and Economic Development.” This department would present a single, unified approach when working with businesses and individuals doing business with the city.

Additionally, Mayor Christenson has proposed bringing together under a new Parking Department four elements of parking that currently operate independently. This new department will be responsible for the oversight and management of the parking garages, on-street parking enforcement, parking meter management, and the residential parking permit program.

“This proposal will combine different parts of our city organization that all play complimentary roles and will provide a cohesive and integrated approach to the delivery of services,” commented Mayor Christenson. “I believe this framework will allow us to operate more efficiently in the future.”

The City Council referred the matter to the Ordinance Committee, who will discuss the proposal and ordinance changes involved before ultimately referring it back to the full City Council for a vote.  If approved, these changes will join a growing list of reorganized departments, including Board of Health, Inspectional Services, Planning, Department of Public Works, Traffic, Emergency Management, Animal Control, and Custodial Services.

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