New Traffic Signal Light Installed Downtown Peabody

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Mayor Edward A. Bettencourt, Jr. announced that the city has installed a new traffic light designed to protect pedestrians crossing the intersection of Central and Walnut Streets. Cars will now be stopped from exiting the parking lot of Bill & Bob’s Restaurant by a red light whenever pedestrians are signaled to enter nearby crosswalks.

“We continue our work to make downtown Peabody a safer place for pedestrians,” said Mayor Bettencourt. “The Main Street realignment project has slowed traffic through the square and has made shops and restaurants more accessible. Now we turn our focus to other pedestrian trouble spots like this one at the intersection of Central and Walnut Street.”

The new light is the result of a collaborative effort by Mayor Bettencourt and the Peabody City Council, spearheaded by Ward 2 Councilor Arthur Athas. Mayor Bettencourt and Athas had received several calls from residents who feared for their safety and the safety of others while trying to cross the busy intersection.

“We want to make Central Street and the square safer for pedestrians,” said Councilor Athas. “A lot of people live in this area – a lot of seniors – and we want them to have safe and easy access to downtown businesses.”


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