Mayor Menino Unveils Innovative Boston Bike Network Plan

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A 30-Year Vision for 350 Miles of Cycling Infrastructure


Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced the release of the Boston Bike Network Plan, identifying a comprehensive network of bike routes through the city and calling for the creation of 75 new miles of bike routes within five years.


            “The Boston Bike Network Plan will improve the quality of life for every Bostonian by improving our health and reducing and congestion on our streets.” Mayor Menino said. “Boston is fast becoming one of the top biking cities in the country, and under this plan, we will continue to move forward.”


The plan calls for Boston to reach 356 miles within 30 years.  In doing so, the plan melds a long term vision with a short term action plan, to ensure the City stays on track with the goal. The announcement is the culmination of a two-year plan developed with extensive input from local citizens, cycling advocates, and city and state officials. 


At the heart of the plan is a 30 year vision featuring a primary spine of low stress protected facilities, i.e. multi-use paths and cycletracks, which are welcoming for less experienced riders and children.  Such facilities provide physical separation between the cyclists and the moving vehicles on the road.  At full build-out, nearly one-third of the bike network will be on protected facilities.


“This plan is about getting all the people who have not biked in Boston to be comfortable and confident riding in the City,” said Nicole Freedman, the City of Boston’s Bike Director.. “Separating cyclists from moving vehicles, as this plan does, will do just that.”



                        The plan is part of Mayor Menino’s plan to transform Boston into a world-class bicycling city, and helps support Greenovate Boston, the Mayor’s sustainability initiative.  The plan is also linked to the Mayor’s Climate Action Plan goal of seeing 10 percent of trips made by bike by 2020.


The Bike Network Plan can be viewed at



About Greenovate Boston
Greenovate Boston is a collective movement to ensure a greener, healthier and more prosperous future for the city by meeting Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Propelled by creativity and drive, Greenovate Boston will encourage continued sustainable growth within the city, making Boston the greenest in the United States. Visit for details.


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