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 Seventy Cities & Towns ,Seventy Times The Power of Local News!


 Seventy new varieties of cites and towns with seventy times the power of local News! Look for us soon in many more cities and towns near you.
Follow us here at Boston News as we continue to grow across the commonwealth and add onto our seventy news publications with 102 brand new “News” publications coming in “Summer of 2013” including a surprisingly new series of print editions that will knock your socks off!
Follow us and “LIKE” our Boston News Group  Facebook page as we deliver up daily local news stories to you online as it happens with live community interest polls!
Visit our new sister publication, Political Agenda News Magazine was created to help local government policies and is considered to be, “The Meeting of the Minds” to most political anyalist and is also one giant online Municipal think tank where the fine minds of our elected officials can learn, compare and execute new exciting ideas for their cities and towns so that they can run smoother, more efficient and up to speed with the rest of the world!
As a constituent’s watchdog site we are committed to our readers and for the sake of keeping our city’s and town’s elected officials in line and on the level to do the right thing as well as in most cases an article can either make or break a political career with just one paragraph!
Our second other most recent addition to our news publication family is MODERN COP MAGAZINEwhere we take the time to compile information from a variety of local and state police departments across the Commonwealth and compare their experiences and efforts from news articles and recognize them for a job well done and give them credit where credit is due!














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