Medford High School Science Lab Project Bid Savings

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by William Tauro


Mayor Michael J. McGlynn is pleased to announce that the bid for the Medford High School Science Lab project has come in $1.8 million dollars under budget. The project is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts School Building Authority at a 60% reimbursement rate. The City pays the remaining 40% of the project cost. “Our savings is approximately $700,000 and I am thrilled with the competitive environment we are currently experiencing. We hope this continues with other projects that are “shovel-ready” including Medford High School’s Pool and the Department of Public Works building”, said Mayor McGlynn. 

At tonight’s City Council meeting, Mayor McGlynn will ask the Council to amend the original loan order for the Science Labs to include an additional purpose of paying costs of storm drainage improvement in the Meetinghouse Brook area. The savings of $700,000 will go towards Phase II of the drainage project in and around the Brook area. “The flooding that has overtaken the Lawrence Estates, all the way down Winthrop Street and Traincroft, to the Mystic River affects hundreds of homes. In the past, the residents have experienced great hardship due to flooding. We must work together as a community to eliminate any future personal loss and suffering to these residents. After working with professional consultants, we believe this drainage improvement will greatly improve the quality of life in this area”, concluded McGlynn. 

The city received five bids from general contractors ranging from $8,467,000 to $8,995,800. The contract was awarded to the low bidder G&R Construction Inc. of Quincy, Massachusetts.

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